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This page contains links to researchers studying change blindness. By clicking on the name, you will be directed to a page containing contact information as well as a list of change blindness interests and research. If you would like to be added t o the change detection database, you can use the form available here (it will open in a new window). If you find any broken links on this site, please send email to dsimons@uiuc.edu. Links are sorted alphabetically by the last name of the researcher.

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Aginsky, Vlada (Brown)
Alston, Louise (Brunel University)
Angelone, Bonnie (Kent State University)
Austen, Erin (University of British Columbia)
Ballard, Dana (University of Rochester)
Beck, Diane (University College London)
Beck, Melissa (Kent State University)
Becker, Mark (University of California, San Diego)
Blackmore, Susan (University of the West of England)
Braithwaite, Jason (University of Birmingham)
Bülthoff, Heinrich (Max Planck Institute)
Carlson, Laura (University of Notre Dame)
Chun, Marvin (Vanderbilt University)
Davis, Deborah (University of Nevada)
Delvenne, Jean-François (Louvain-la-Neuve University)
Durgin, Frank (Swarthmore College)
Enns, James (UBC)
Fernandez-Duque, Diego (Sunnybrook Hospital, University of Toronto)
Franconeri, Steven (Harvard University)
Grossberg, Stephen (Boston University)
Haw, St John Blake (University of Natal)
Heller-Dixon, Jool (Sussex University)
Henderson, John (Michigan State University)
Hillstrom, Anne (University of Texas at Arlington)
Hollingworth, Andrew (University of Iowa)
Huettel, Scott (Duke University Medical Center)
Irwin, David (University of Illinois)
Jiang, Yuhong (Yale University)
Jones, Barry (Glasgow University)
Jones, Ben (University of St. Andrews)
Karn, Keith (Xerox Corporation)
Klein, Raymond (Dalhousie University)
Lee, Daeyeol (University of Rochester)
Levin, Daniel (Kent State University)
Luck, Steve (University of Iowa)
Mantyla, Timo (Umea University)
May, Jon (University of Sheffield)
Mazza, Courtney (Sussex University)
Mitroff, Stephen (Harvard University)
Mondy, Steve (Macquarie University)
Moore, Cathleen (Pennsylvania State University)
Noë, Alva (University of California, Santa Cruz)
O'Donnell, Christopher (Stirling University)
Olson, Ingrid (Yale School of Medicine)
Orbach, Harry (Glasgow Caledonian University)
Osaka, Naoyuki (Kyoto University)
O'Regan, Kevin (Universite Rene Descartes, EHESS, EPHE)
Palmer, John (University of Washington)
Pani, John (University of Louisville)
Pashler, Hal (University of California, San Diego)
Pringle, Heather (US Air Force Academy)
Readinger, Wil (Cornell University)
Rensink, Ronald (Nissan Technical Center North America)
Ro, Tony (Rice University)
Scholl, Brian (Harvard University)
Shore, David I. (McMaster Univeristy)
Silverman, Michael (Mount Sinai Medical Center)
Simons, Daniel (University of Illinois)
Smilek, Daniel (University of Waterloo)
Tatler, Ben (University of Sussex)
Thornton, Ian (Max-Planck Institute)
Treisman, Anne (Princeton University)
Treue, Stefan (German Primate Center)
Verfaillie, Karl (University of Leuven)
Wallis, Guy (Queensland University)
Wheeler, Mary (Princeton University)
Wolfe, Jeremy (Brigham and Women's Hospital)
Wright, Michael (Brunel University)
Xu, Yaoda (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

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